What is Image Compression?

Image compressor online is where you can minimize the size of a graphics file or a digital image without losing its quality to the level that is unacceptable to the user. The primary purpose of compressing a graphics file is the reduction amounting to redundancy and irrelevance in data of an image which allows the users to save or transfer the image more efficiently as it saves time and occupies lesser storage space.

An online image compressor is a very helpful tool that allows you to resize your JPEG or PNG images by using an image compression online tool to save on your disk space and your time as well. Now, you can quickly compress images by using an image compression software or tools like this one which is readily available on the internet.

The aim of image compressor is to provide the best image quality at a given bit-rate or also known as compression rate. But, there are other significant components of image compression schemes these include the following:

  • Meta Data or Information - a compressed image data may contain details about the photo which can be used to identify the category as well as in searching or browsing images on the web. This may also include the copyright information and the name of the author.
  • Scalability - it is also often referred to as progressive coding or embedded bitstreams. This property is very useful in image previews especially when downloading them using your browser.
  • Region of interest coding – this property is more subject-oriented which allows users to select parts of the image are encrypted with higher quality as compared to others. This may function together with scalability.
  • Processing power – an image compressor uses algorithms that require different levels of processing power to encode and decode data. Some of these have high compression algorithms that also require a high level of processing power.

Why Compress Images for Web?

It is important to compress images when uploading on the web. A compressed image is smaller in size; hence, it takes lesser time and space. A large sized image file can take a significant amount of time while loading on a website, particularly if you have a sluggish internet connection.

When someone intends to view an image on a mobile phone from a website, it might take 5 seconds to download a raw and uncompressed image, while it may take only a second for a compressed image to download. This will add to the user experience while making your data plan cheaper.

That is why, a JPEG or PNG compression tool helps you in saving storage space, time, and bandwidth.

Does Image Compressor Alters Image Quality?

Today, you can easily find an image compression software or image compression program on the internet. Users of image compressor online tools are usually concerned about the quality of their images. They want to know whether compressing their images will make them lose their quality. So, if you too are worried about this, then take our word for it. Of course, we can’t talk on behalf of other image compression online tools out there; but, we can assure you that our image compression tool will not compromise the quality of your precious image files.

When using this photo compressor tool whether to compress JPEG or compress PNG image file, you will notice that the difference in the image quality of your compressed JPEG or compressed PNG image is hardly noticeable.

How Image Compression Works?

There are two types of compression to compress images for web. These include lossy image compression and lossless image compression. Both types of compression are quite self-explanatory. Lossy compression is the one in which image quality is lost while compressing it. While lossless compression is a type of image compression wherein the quality of your photo is kept intact.

Our free image compression tool works on lossless compression technique when reducing image size online. It selectively reduces the number of colors in the data of a digital image file. As a result, fewer bytes and bandwidth is needed to save or transfer the file.

The quality of a compression technique is measured by an indicator such as the Peak signal-to-noise ratio. It measures how much noise is introduced through a lossy compression of the image; however, the subjective judgment of the naked eye is often regarded as the most important measure of all.

The JPEG image compressor method is used mostly by professional photographers who want to showcase their work online whether to gain profit or simply share and inspire other photographers who are just beginning to learn more about photography. Image compression is also beneficial to photographers because they can store more images on their hard drive or any memory space they are using, and it cuts the time that they have to spend for uploading over the internet.

Free Image Compression Online

One of the easiest approaches to compress an image is to use a free image compression software which is readily and widely available on the internet. You can use our user-friendly and free image compression tool anytime you like to resize and compress your JPEG and PNG images without losing their quality.

This FREE Image Compression Online tool is simply the best that you can find. It also allows users to do batch processing to compress JPEG and PNG images, all you have to do is drag and drop all your images to process them. You can upload up to 20 images at a time with a maximum of 5 MB for each image file. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Is Your Data Secure With Our Image Compressor?

Your data is completely safe and secure with our image compressor software.

All the images uploaded on our website for lossless image compression are entirely safe because we respect the privacy of our users and offer them full confidentiality. We promise that none of your data is stored or shared with a third party user.