How does image compression affect the quality of my images?

At present, there are so many image compression tools that are available on the web, and we know that many users like you are more likely concerned with how this image compression tool will alter the quality of your images.

Well, there are two ways to compress images to be ready for upload on the web. First is “Lossy Compression.” This type of image compression has a negative effect on images that are being compressed because it can produce a low image quality. The second method is the most favorable one; this is called “Lossless Compression,” it preserves most of the image data while processing and gives you a compressed JPEG or compressed PNG image file that is still of high-quality.

You might be thinking which of the two techniques we are using. Well, we would want to give our clients the best free online image compression tool that is why we have developed a specialized software that uses the Lossless Compression method when compressing and reducing image size online. This way, you will still get almost the same quality as with the original copy. The difference is very minimal and barely noticeable. We can guarantee you that our image compression online tool will not sacrifice the quality of your images!

Whether you are compressing your images in solo or batches, the same high-quality finish will be applied to all your compressed images. So you will get the most out of your photos and use them on your website. You are not the only one who will benefit from it, but your site visitors as well because it will take lesser bandwidth and loading time for them to view your images.

This image compression tool works well with any JPEG or PNG format files and gives you the best results.