What is Image Compressor and why do we need to compress images for the Web?

An online image compressor is a useful tool for webmasters and many professionals. This allows the user to compress and reduce the size of a certain image or several images to be used for upload on the web.

The aim of an image compressor tool is to provide user with the highest quality possible for compressed images. The software is designed to compress images for both JPEG and PNG formats. This helps the user to better manage disk space because it consumes lesser space than when it is in normal size. This also helps in cutting the data bandwidth as well as upload time for the user and download time for the viewer of the image.

When uploading images on the web, compressed images are easier to manage because it is smaller in size; that is why it requires lesser upload and download time as well as storage space. Unlike a large-sized image that will most likely take a lot of time to upload on a website, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

Then, when someone wants to view an image on a mobile phone or from a website, this could take 10 seconds to download a normal and uncompressed image or much longer depending on the internet connection speed. On the other hand, it may only take a second for a compressed image to download. This will make user experience more practical and more cost-efficient because of lower data consumed.

That is why, a JPEG or PNG compression tool helps you in saving storage space, time, and bandwidth. You can upload up to 20 images at the same time and simply wait for the image compression tool to finish processing. Then, your images are ready for upload on your website, or you can keep for later use.